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Could you please hire Walt Simonson to handle Thor? Because it's obvious you fools have no right in even addressing Thor, let alone writing him.
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Sounds like this might be the book you’re looking for then:

One wonders how the extremist end of the Thor-fan spectrum would react if a modern Thor writer:

1. Gave Thor’s power to someone new that they’d never heard of.

2. Turned Thor into a frog.

3. Had Thor repeatedly enchanted and dominated by a heretofore unseen little sister of a Thor villain.

4. Had Thor defend himself against “deadly spears” made of ordinary materials by human hands.

5. Had the heroes of Valhalla amazed by the power of automatic weapons and secure themselves a bunch of them, later using them to great effect against foes they’d have been overwhelmed by otherwise.

And more, of course. It’s classic, masterful stuff, but I suspect much of it, if it happened today, would be greeted with charges of disrespecting the character and hating the fans.

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Well, looks like I have to catch up on Korra

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Doom fears none
Art by John Buscema (pencils), Joe Sinnott (inks) & Glynis Wein (colors)
Words by Jim Shooter & Marv Wolfman

Doom WOULD kick Superman’s ass

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R.I.P. Robin Williams, thank you for making us laugh throughout the years.

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This show was super important. 

This show was one of the greats. Never let it be forgotten.

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You know that feeling when someone really annoying wants your attention, but you couldn’t give any less of a shit that they even exist, and just want them to get the fuck out of your face?

Women have those feeling, too.

Remember that, guys.

Use some basic empathy.

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Frank Quitely ~ Bite Club #s 1-6

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Nice outlaw name, did your mom pick it out for you?


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Gandh and I have designed my next tattoo! What do you think?

I hope you regret it for the rest of your life when you reach the age that you realise what a stupid fucking idiot you were being and feminism is not a force for everyone’s good.

Fml, pretentious and retarded.

That is probably one of the best comments I have ever had on one of my posts.


Just WOW.

I’m not forcing feminism onto anyone, are tattoos something that people get only to do that? Because i see plenty of religious tattoos and my first impression isn’t “WOW that person is pressing their belief onto me I’m so offended” if anything it just tells me something about them and what they believe - so what? That’s cool.

But yeah, whatever cool. If anything that’s more of a reason to get it if it will piss someone off so much - because it’s a pretty retarded thing to get pissed off at.

I’m not pissed off,

I also said nothing about you forcing your beliefs.

I think feminism isn’t a force for good and that you’ll regret that tattoo when you grow up.

I have more then this tattoo on my body, 2 of which are on my upper arm that I cover up for my job because it’s considered professional - and I’m cool with that and respect that. But I’m 20 years old and I’m very much able to make big decisions for myself. I have an apartment, I work, I pay bills - I’m pretty responsible.

If you don’t believe in feminism - fine, I can’t tell you what to believe.

But to call me pretentious and retarded is just rude. How do you know I’ll regret it? You don’t know me - do you assume people just regret tattoos when they’re older? Because I’m pretty sure people CAN but many don’t. And I’m pretty sure I won’t either - and even if I did why would it matter to you? Apparently it matters enough for you to call me retarded, but that’s your problem not mine.

I’m not talking about your other tattoos, or professionalism or any of that bullshit.

I’m talking about getting a tattoo for a super nifty tumblr group you were a part of when you were 20 that come the age of 30 when you’ve matured you’ll realise it was foolish and maybe you’ll think back on this.

I have tattoo’s I regret. I’m not saying I’m infallible.

I called you pretentious because of the religious symbol on the back of your neck that could not be covered up for work unless you spent all day wearing a scarf.

As for retarded, doing something so irrational and permanent, getting a tattoo of a club logo because it was cool at the time is retarded.

Maybe I’ll take your advice and get my nose out of your business.

Enjoy your ridiculous scar until the day you die.

Sorry to kind of step in here, but I have something to say about “Tattoos You’ll Regret Later”

If you seriously regret a tattoo you got in good spirits, then I’m so sorry to see that Real Life has sucked the fun out of everything for you. I like the idea of looking at a tattoo and thinking back on all the good times surrounding it. This fine young lady right here will look at this tattoo later in her life and remember going to that tattoo parlor with a smile on her face and a cause to work for! She’ll remember all the nice comments she’s going to get for it, and the people she could meet because of the tattoo. Even if something bad eventually ends up happening regarding the feminist movement, this is a symbol that is still going to mean something to her personally for many years.

These were all things my mother told me after waiting until she was 30 to get her first tattoo ever. Hers wasn’t a radical or religious symbol, it was just a simple tattoo of a bouquet of violets wrapped with a ribbon on her foot. She got it on a summer trip with her friends, and it was her last year getting to have a real summer vacation before working full time. But she still got horrible comments from people about how she was defiling her body and damaging her skin, and all sorts of other stupid comments over a bundle of flowers. But she would always look at the tattoo and remember the awesome time she had in Atlantic City with her friends. 

The memories of a tattoo are just as important as the meaning of the tattoo itself. Obviously if you have bad memories attached to any tattoo, then you should just get it either removed or modified if possible. I think regretting a tattoo is just silly. Take a bad thing and make it good if you have to. 

And as a sidenote, the feminist movement is FAR from being some “super nifty Tumblr group” as you’ve put it. It’s more than a ‘club logo.’ Feminism and the movement has been around for over 100 years now, how can you say something like that? By saying that, you’re denying historical facts. 

Also, retarded is an ableist slur, please find a better word to use.

SJWs everywhere.

First off I’m not talking about tattoos you’ll regret with time.

I’m talking about a feminism tattoo you will regret with time.

Feminism has been around for 100 years, however the recent years have been nothing more than bitching on Tumblr and interupting MRA meetings with signs and calling any opposition “facists”.

Blah blah tattoos are wonderful blah, if it was a tattoo to thank the women in the past whom actually made a difference I’d understand.

However this is just a nifty pro tumblr feminist fist in the air tattoo that rubbed me the wrong way.

As a logical sane person who knows that feminism is no longer a force for good, seeing this tattoo makes me scoff and grimace at the same time.

Also I will use whatever politically incorrect words I want.

"As a logical sane person" I feel like STILL kicking up a fuss about something on the internet.

WAAAAH. She’s got a tattoo that I don’t like and agree with!!

and I use “politically incorrect terms” like retard even though that’s a PIGHEADED thing to do because it gives me attention. DAMN THESE SJW it’s them being totally pretentious and out of order.

How about getting a tattoo because, I don’t know, you fucking like how it looks? And you want it on your body forever? Isn’t that the core reason anyone ever gets tattoos?

This dude needs to chill the fuck out.

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For M enthusiasts, by M enthusiasts. Submit your M photos.

If you look closely through the smoke, you can see the beautiful mating dance of two of nature’s most majestic creatures


For M enthusiasts, by M enthusiasts. Submit your M photos.

If you look closely through the smoke, you can see the beautiful mating dance of two of nature’s most majestic creatures

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she’s getting stronger

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Creatures From El [via]

These are incredibly gorgeous!

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Ms. Marvel #7 by G. Willow Wilson, Jake Wyatt, & Ian Herring
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Putting an engineering degree to good use